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Jan 20th Park Farm 3

Jan 20th Pic“I wish all meetings were organised by Aliqua Events” 

“Currently Aliqua are the best on the market” 


“Well organised as always with information on the meeting, easy booking, reminders and handouts at the meeting”



20150423_205425“Great Customer Interaction as always, great meeting”


“It was well organised and the Education packs were most helpful, Excellent meeting 10/10”


“I will be attending more Aliqua Events Meetings”

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“An excellent update with information very relevant to every day primary care management especially chronic conditions”


“I will be able to improve my practice as a result of this meeting”

“One of the best stand meetings I have sponsored”


“The day after the Spirometry Course I reviewed a lady with asthma who was a smoker, I did a handheld Spiro’ and showed her her lung age which provoked her into being much more serious about quitting, The day gave me more confidence in understanding what the Spirometry results really meant.” 




“Well Organised,Interesting and engaging speakers,brilliant, I enjoyed everything. Nothing to improve”


“After the Gynaecology update I had 3 relevant cases and Mr Warren’s words were ringing in my ears re the issues prolapses can cause and advised a girl on the pill to start taking two packs back to back to reduce the amount of bleeds she will have, everybody wins!”


“It was really nice we were so well looked after and to feel the organisers cared about us”

“The booking process is so easy, just click one button and they do the rest for you. Simple!”



 “It is nice to have educational meetings held locally and not have to travel too far”

“The meeting was yet again fantastic. It was so informative, the speaker was so good at being able to help you take so much from the evening. We all cannot recommend these courses you do enough, looking forward to the next meeting.”


“Pleasant and interesting experience”


“I would recommend Aliqua Events to my colleagues”


20150729_194506“Good food and venue, excellent organisation and speakers”


“I really enjoy promoting at Aliqua Events, they always deliver”