Below are some quotes from our support partners commenting on their experiences of working with Aliqua Events

“The best organised Pharma meeting that I’ve ever attended. Great encouragement for delegates to engage with the support partners!” Ray Drizen Gaylen

 “One of the best stand meetings I have sponsored”

 “It was really nice to be well looked after and feel the organisers cared about us”

“Aliqua events are a force to be reckoned with for meetings in Suffolk and Norfolk. The organisers invigorate the attendees with their enthusiasm and provide an excellent environment for the support customers to meet healthcare professionals.”  Alison Kingston 

“Simply a great job”  Jonathan Hood Coloplast


“Really good buzz and interaction with customers” Anna Ryan           

“I obtained some very good leads and felt it a very worth while meeting”

“An Excellent Meeting, great opportunity to engage with customers – Far better than previous exhibition meetings I have attended across East Midlands   

Sean O’Kelly Fontus Health                         


“Great Meeting, I saw some customers I may not normally see”

 “There are other meetings that look the same on paper but they are like chalk & cheese, Aliqua have got it sorted” Steve Walsh Meda Pharma

“Very helpful and supportive” Zara Hussain Chiesi


“Always a pleasure. The reservation process is made very simple and the ‘Please contact me’ cards are very useful. A fantastic way to gain access to customers you may not otherwise see.” Christopher Robinson Bayer


“Excellent, quality meetings. All round professionalism, courteous, humor and respect for each other. 5 Stars, recommended” Dean Potter MSD