Below are quotes from some of our key experts about their experience of working with Aliqua Events



      “It’sDr-Martin-Hadley-Brown2-300x300 been a pleasure working with Aliqua. Organisation has been excellent – from publicity to the events themselves.”

 Dr Martin Hadley-Brown Key Diabetes Expert & GP




“It was a great pleasure to work with Aliqua Events. They were extremely well organised and provided me with great support.”

 Dr Richard West – Key Dispensing Expert,D.D.A Chair & GP 




ME (2) “Aliqua Events are a pleasure to do business with, they are well organised and understand time is needed to prepare a presentation and remunerate accordingly. The freedom to discuss ideas for relevant topics and have face to face meetings prior to events adds an appreciated personal touch. I am excited to have been on board from the start”            

 Clair Haylock – Key Diabetes Expert &  Nurse Practitioner 




“I have found Aliqua Events to be a very professional organisation which is clearly committed to providing an environment for focused, clinically relevant medical education.I have enjoyed working with them.”

 Dr Martin Auger- Consultant Haematologist NNHU   



Simon Eccleshall pic

“Aliqua Events Ltd are very professional and organised in the way they run all aspects of their meetings.When this is combined with the completely independent and open choice of subject offered to speakers they provide an excellent way of helping to re-establish the GP/Consultant interface and an interactive and enjoyable experience.”

 Dr Simon Eccleshall – Consultant Cardiologist NNUH  


Peter Bailey

“It was a great pleasure to work with Tania and Barry from Aliqua.  Their thoroughness and attention to detail meant that every aspect of the meeting ran smoothly.  Aliqua is a first class educational provider and it has been a privilege to work with them.Their brief was clear and their input into the development of my presentation was helpful.  I really enjoyed the evening and the feedback from attendees was very positive.  I look forward to working with Aliqua in the future.”

Dr Peter Bailey- GP, GP Trainer & Author  


“AliqDr Mamutseua Events were very professional in their approach, with an eye for detail from start to finish. I am very appreciative of the fact that there was no attempt to influence the content of my presentation and value the opportunity to interact with Primary Care colleagues”

Dr Godwin Mamutse- Consultant Neurologist NNUH   



RCW aa“Continuing medical education is, of course, essential for good clinical practice and mandatory for revalidation. 

The times of lecturing to an audience on the speaker’s preferred subject have passed.  With time being so precious directed learning is all important; it is now crucial for speakers to know what is relevant, interesting and topical for GPs.

It is a pleasure working with Aliqua Events who facilitate this important arrangement in a professional and efficient way – helping the specialist directly address the needs of Primary Care within the confines of informal small lecture groups. The addition of a compendium, including copies of the speaker’s slides, completes a fulfilling educational event.”

Mr Richard Warren- Consultant Gynaecologist NNUH   


Dr Swe Myint Bio Photo

“It was my pleasure to work with you. It was great to see the programme was well organised. It has also given me an opportunity to meet and engaged with local GPs and practice nurses. I also love the fact that I could freely convey all my message the way I wish.”

Dr Khin Swe Myint- Consultant Endocrinologist NNUH  


Dr Rajesh Saksena

“Thank you for organizing the event as it was a useful forum of primary and secondary care interface. Attending delegates were excellent and active. The audience participation and eagerness to the practical use of the theory and sharing our experience was great. The overall arrangement was fabulous and I found a cohesive and well organized team work on the day.”

Dr Rajesh Saksena- Stroke Consultant Colchester Hospital




Dr Shah “I had a very pleasing experience with my presentation to primary care clinicians arranged by Aliqua Events. The whole process was very smooth. Most of the difficult elements of organisation were arranged by Aliqua Events. I just had to go, meet local and regional clinicians in a very friendly atmosphere and deliver my presentation. The venue was wisely chosen and easy to reach. They had arranged the registration and printed the slides in a beautiful booklet. The hall was well organised and the audio-visual equipment was all set up for me. The talk went very smoothly. The audience showed great interest in it. The interactive session was helpful. They asked a number of questions which were very practical. I was glad to express my views and to guide them. Food was fine. It was overall a stress free event, very well organised and very well attended. There were sponsors from the industry but without my direct involvement with them. I am impressed by the organisational skills of Tania Loveday and Barry Randle of Aliqua Events. I’ll be very happy to work with them again.”

Dr Syed Shah- Consultant Dermatologist NNUH    


@ Graham Snook Photography


“Thank you both (Aliqua) for your highly professional approach to delivering medical education”

Dr Karl Gaffney- Consultant Rheumatologist NNUH    




Dr Job Cyriac

“I enjoyed working with Aliqua Events team. The meeting was well organised; all the preparations made well in advance. Well done Tania and Barry”

Dr Job Cyriac- Consultant Paediatrician Broomfield Hospital Chelmsford 



Dr A Shoka“I have been working with Tania and Barry from Aliqua Events to provide educational presentations for Primary Care physicians. I have found both of them to be highly professional with excellent work ethics. In my opinion , I think Aliqua Events is providing high quality and high standard educational training for health care professionals at the Primary Care level.

It is a real pleasure working with Tania and Barry and I am sure that their company will do very well in the future.” 

Dr Ahmed Shoka  –  Consultant Psychiatrist & Honorary Lecturer, Essex University 



Junaid Hanif

“My experience of working with Aliqua Events was they are well organised using an excellent venue with good quality food. The meeting was well attended and there was good communication between Ailqua and myself to ensure all goes according to plan. I have no criticism and I look forward to working with Aliqua Events again soon.”

Mr Junaid Hanif – Consultant ENT Surgeon Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital & James Paget Hospital


“AliDr N Tomsonqua Events Ltd are a pleasure to work with. The company is organised and professional in their approach to organising educational events. Tania and Barry are unique in the attention to detail they provide to organising these meetings, both in their communication with health professionals and the compendium provided for attendees.”

Dr Nevianna Tomson – Consultant Dermatologist West Suffolk Hospital



Ademola Adesanoye

“I have enjoyed working with Tania and Barry immensely.
They have shown excellent organization and attention to detail. The compendium of Aliqua events is very useful to attendees. I look forward to working with them more.” 

Dr Ademola Adesonya – Respiratory expert & GP at Carol Brown Health Centre Dersingham (Vida Health)


Toomas Sarev

“Brilliant is the phrase that comes to my mind when I think about Aliqua Events.

During my Consultant Cardiologist career I have worked with many highly skilled and motivated teams. 

Aliqua Events is an outstanding example of a cohesive team that excels in their areas of speciality and has a precise understanding of event management.

It was a pure pleasure to collaborate with Aliqua Events. 

Both Tania and Barry are true professionals in every way, very punctual, extremely reliable and genuinely lovely people, very easy to work with.”

Dr Toomas Särev – Consultant Interventional Cardiologist NNUH


Dr Sunil Skaria

“The whole experience of working with Aliqua events is truly uplifting.

Tanya and Barry pay attention to every details of the event to ensure an enriching experience for all involved.

Aliqua events provide the ideal educational and networking event for the medical professional.”

Dr Sunil Skaria – Consultant Oncologist Mid Essex Hospital NHS Trust


Heather Mattews It is a delight to just turn up and provide respiratory education without worrying about the organisation of the meeting itself.

Tania and Barry communicate well prior to events to ensure that the speaker has no concerns about the presentation, handouts etc.

Heather Matthews – Independent Respiratory Nurse consultant 


pravin-dhesiThe Aliqua Events team was very professional in organising the event. There was a good organisational  structure to the event and advanced planning.

Tania in particular was excellent in chasing me up and making sure I got my talk ready in time and the enthusiasm and smiles that both Tania & Barry have is infectious.

I would definitely love to work with Aliqua Events again.

Dr Pravin Deasi – Consultant Paediatrician Ipswich Hospital


Dr Daryl Freeman

I have recently given my first evening lecture for Aliqua Events. Their organisation is extremely professional, the briefing was thorough so I had a firm idea of the delegates needs and format in preparation for the meeting. The provision of a compendium for each delegate is very professional & aids with appraisal & revalidation and the rotation of subjects around each region means that local Health Care Professionals can complete most of their education with Aliqua

Dr Daryl Freeman – Respiratory Expert & GP  Mundesley Medical Centre


Dr. Namita JasaniThe Aliqua team, is a professional team committed towards their work. The educational GP evening was well organised – small groups with tables, notes for writing and lecture notes distributed , food and tea break etc. 

Dr Namita Janasai – Consultant Dermatologist  Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital NHS Trust



It was a pleasure working with Aliqua events. The event organisation was excellent. The atmosphere of the meeting was just right – professional, yet relaxed and friendly allowing for excellent discussion of the issues that face colleagues in primary care.

Dr Hamish Lyall – Consultant Haematologist NNUH