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Key SpeakersAs the NHS continues to feel increasingly partitioned and specialised it is ever more important to work together. Whether you are a secondary care consultant or professor, a primary care GPwSI, Nurse leader or an NHS management advisor, you are an expert and leader in your field with knowledge to share with your colleagues and Aliqua Events Ltd would be interested in working with you to facilitate sharing your expertise.

Aliqua Events Ltd look to work with the key experts within a local area to provide continuous professional education for healthcare professionals on a local basis directed around what you think your colleagues need to know and the latest developments in your field to ensure the highest quality healthcare for patients in your local area.

Aliqua Events Ltd meetings can be designed around your audience and subject matter so if that is best delivered as a presentation, a lively discussion based meeting or a case study review we will try to work with you and your audience to facilitate the right connection to get your messages across.

In addition to the direct contact that speaking and educating an audience offers, working with Aliqua Events Ltd also provides an excellent opportunity to reach out to your colleagues through the complimentary key experts biography section of both this website and also the compendium accompanying  your meeting. This is an ideal opportunity to not only give a little detail about yourself and your role but also share any projects or services you may offer that your colleagues may be interested in such as any private work you may offer or any projects or groups you may wish to highlight.

A key part of Aliqua Event Ltd’s offering is a schedule of regular meetings to enable clinicians to plan their education. We also try to ensure meetings are local to our delegates and speakers therefore topics are often replicated throughout the year to ensure information is always up to date and local. Therefore if you would like to work on a regular basis with Aliqua Events Ltd we would be keen to discuss this opportunity with you.

Aliqua Events Ltd will always provide fair remuneration for your time and travelling expenses.

If you would like to discuss speaking at a local meeting for Aliqua Events Ltd please contact us through the Contact Us section of this website or through the Register my interest form on this page.

We hope you find working with Aliqua Events Ltd rewarding. Please share your experiences with your colleagues and us.

Key SpeakersWe look forward to seeing you at an Aliqua Events Ltd meeting shortly

  All references to meeting details, dates, topics, speakers and venues may be subject to change.

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