About Aliqua Events Ltd

Aliqua Events Ltd is a provider of Professional Education for Medical professionals operating across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex & Cambridgeshire.  Aliqua Events Ltd began in 2015 and since then has established a strong reputation providing a comprehensive programme of events. These cover a wide range of topics targeted at the practical needs of Primary Care clinicians across East Anglia delivering well organised and informative educational meetings at local venues working with local key expert speakers.

Aliqua Events Ltd. is owned and run by its directors Barry Randle & Tania Loveday who first met in 2004 whilst they were both working in the pharmaceutical industry.

Barry worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 12 years and had been working in sales for more than 10 years in various sectors including surgical and commercial sales prior to this. He lives outside Norwich with his wife and is a keen if very amateur golfer.

Tania similarly was in the pharmaceutical industry for over 10 years however prior to this was in a completely different sector working in Hotel Management and specifically Event Management.  This event management experience coupled with the knowledge of the NHS both Barry and Tania brought from the Pharmaceutical industry helped create Aliqua Events Ltd. Tania lives in the heart of the Norfolk Broads where she can be found happily walking her two dogs in her spare time.

About Aliqua

Aliqua Events Ltd’s aim is simple: To recognise the importance of working together to address educational needs by connecting the NHS, with it’s key experts and NHS suppliers.

For more information on how Aliqua Events Ltd can work with you to support you in achieving this and how to most efficiently navigate around this website please click on the circle below that most closely represents yourself:

Delegates are healthcare professionals who would like to attend our meetings

Support Partners are our kind sponsors in the NHS supply chain offering solutions & services that can support NHS operations

Key Experts are our speakers and meeting facilitators



Complimentary Events for all Healthcare Providers.

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Support Partners


Sponsored by our Support Partners at their Exhibition Stands.

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Key Experts


Delivered by Key Opinion Leaders addressing Local Agendas.

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All Aliqua Events Ltd meetings will be supported by this website where you can plan, book and review the meetings you are interested in or have attended whilst also learning more about our Key Experts and Support Partners through their biography pages accessible at the top of each page in the navigation bar or here : Key Experts and Support Partners.

Each meeting that you attend, you will be provided with upon registration a compendium to support your ongoing learning.  Here you will find information about the presentations, the speakers and facilitators providing the education,  certificate of attendance, information on future meetings you may be interested in, other useful information and details about the associated stand exhibitors, our support partners. It is only through the support of these key NHS suppliers that Aliqua Events Ltd can offer these meetings on a complimentary basis to our delegates so please do take full advantage of the information and services available at the exhibition stands located in a separate room independent from the meeting & training itself.

We aim to provide high quality meetings in venues which are selected specifically for their locality, convenience, accessibility and conference facilities.

Should you wish to contact us or would like any further information on Aliqua Events Ltd or forthcoming events you can do this directly from the Contact US page.

We hope you will find your Aliqua Events Ltd experience rewarding. Please share your experiences with your colleagues and us. 

Aliqua EventsWe look forward to seeing you at an Aliqua Events Ltd meeting shortly

             All references to meeting details, dates, topics, speakers and venues may be subject to change.